“I am On Your Side.”


For more and more people, a lack of time and understanding for buying cars has meant many now  hire a professional to do it for them.

To help these people Rob is available to do the searching for the perfect car for you…for a small fee, of course.

Why Use A Broker?

Using a car broker is relatively simple. You are not a professional car buyer, but you have to deal with Professional car sales people. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your side who knows the jargon, sales tactics and pitfalls of car dealerships?

“With the confusion of financing, fees, add-ons, and manipulation, it made sense to leave the bargaining to someone who won’t be fazed by the wheeling and dealing.”

There are hundreds of  satisfied consumers and many success stories about the money saved, and the quality of the car that was delivered.

“I consider myself a good negotiator and this was my first time using an auto broker and we had a very positive experience,” said Anthony B who recently bought a used Volvo. At first, he went to local car yards and online with car classifieds sites. But after no luck and frustration, Anthony decided to hire Rob to search for him.

“I don’t care for the stress of negotiating anymore. We’re telling everyone we can about Rob.”Anthony B

And, soon after, Rob was able to secure a better than average price on a Volvo 960 than Anthony was originally quoted. Rob Howard has the experience with dealerships and knows exactly how much they can afford to charge based on how long the car has been on the lot, how many more they have coming in and how much other dealerships are charging.

Rob Howard provides confidence, convenience and peace of mind.


“Rob, I’m loving this car so much. Thank you for all the help and this beautiful car”Sean R
“We’re up to car number 3 and likely looking for another soon.”Linda B

What to Look for in a Car Broker

  • Make sure the broker is licensed to legally sell cars.
  • Ask questions about how they find deals on cars, what background they have in the car business and if they receive any money from dealerships or carmakers for making deals.
  • Look for feedback about other customers’ experiences with the broker.
  • Confirm that broker fees are charged on a flat-rate basis to ensure that you get the best deal on your car.
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